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We Build Cities in VR


Visualize. Analyze. Communicate.

Visualize: HOYT Architecture Lab [HAL] is a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in virtual reality, 3D visualization, & interactive applications for real estate development and urban design.

Analyze: HAL's experience-based urban design methodology "urban analog," allows for real-time analysis of variables and solutions.

Communicate: HAL facilitates crystal clear communication throughout the design & development process. 


Real-time urban learning

An urban analog model is a living, breathing, laboratory where design ideas can be tested and shared. 

HALvr's adjustable dashboard allows users to develop analytical, block-by-block, plan alternatives while visualizing elements that influence the use and experience of urban places.

HALvr is continuously developing applied artificial intelligence (AI) analytics/features; including traffic, crowd/pedestrian, time of day/year, and weather simulations — that allow users to experience, monitor, and analyze a full experiential environment in real-time.


Sensory engagement

Viewing immersive wrap-around displays, or equipped with a virtual reality headset and hand-held controllers, all project stakeholders — from any location around the world — are invited to step into the urban analog model, adjust its urban components, and deepen their understanding of the design composition.

This degree of immersion transfers designed ideas from a static page, into an active and continuously evolving 3D experience.

HALvr's urban analog model allows users to develop an emotional connection with a design; presenting an opportunity to revolutionize traditional methods of consensus-building and public engagement.




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